Dorasani movie: Vijay Devarakonda emotional speech at pre-release event

Dorasani movie: Vijay Devarakonda emotional speech at pre-release event
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Vijay Devarakonda excites fans at the pre-release events and various cinematic functions with his bold speeches.
However, the rowdy hero turned sensitive yesterday during his younger brother Anand Devarakonda’spre-release event.
Vijaya Devarakonda became emotional while speaking about Anand Devara Konda.

Vijaya Devarakonda said His brother follows him where ever he goes.
He said that he did not want Anand to come into the movies.
Vijay Deverakonda gave an interesting speech about Anand Deverakonda.

Vijay Deverakonda is not speaking to Anand Devarakonda after expressing his wish to make movies.
I need to talk to you today. I stayed in Puttaparthi in a hostel. The classes got started quickly.

Anand Devarakonda was the first standard when came to our classroom and started crying.
I don’t want his return from the USA.
As Anand is fixed to act in movies I said don’t expect any help from me.
After that, I didn’t involve in his film and supported him.

You should understand the difficulty in choosing a story and release the movie in theatres.
Vijaya Devarakonda cried while remembering those days Anand helped him and family once.


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