Dr.Sasi Priya Aravalli : Does Obesity Affect Fertility?


Hyderabad, April 5,(Telugu Bullet) Dr.Sasi Priya Aravalli was explained clearly on Does Obesity Affect Fertility?  the doctor explained clearly in the video.

Overeating and obesity are not good as they increase the risk of diabetes, joint problems, heart disease and many other conditions. Obesity can adversely affect fertility in women. Stress, as well as anxiety, can also affect one’s chances of becoming pregnant.

A healthy weight is very important in order to conceive as overeating can indeed cause hormonal changes once the body mass index does cross the limit referred to as entering into the obesity condition. Obesity can also include resistance to insulin, which in turn can affect the menstrual cycle which might increase the infertility chances as well. Getting pregnant through normal or assisted procedures can also be more challenging due to obesity, as there are increased chances of miscarriage, both in normal cases and for in vitro fertilization procedure.

Obesity does indeed negatively affect the reproductive functioning as well as psychological well-being. Obese women tend to have more frequent episodes of binge eating, shape concerns and low self-esteem symptoms that are associated with disordered eating. Obese infertile women do present characteristics of binge eating, low self-esteem as well as body shape.

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