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Ee Maya Peremito Movie Review & Rating – Telugu Bullet

Cast: Rahul Vijay, Kavya Thapar, Rajendra Prasad, and Murali Sharma
Director: Ramu Koppula
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sam K Naidu
Producer: Divya Vijay
Banner: VS Creative Works

A fight master’s son is coming as a hero. He is a hero not on screen, he is an off-screen hero, fight master Vijay. But, he wanted to see his son as an on-screen hero. Now, his wish came true and Rahul Vijay is coming as a hero with Ee Maya Peremito movie. Albeit, Kavya Thapar is the heroine of this movie and made her debut with this movie. Moreover, director Sukumar’s former assistant director Ramu Koppula is the director of this film. So, those debutant stars and movie, how they performed…! Now, get into it…

Movie Plot:

ee maya peremito movie

Chandu (Rahul Vijay) is a jovial guy and spends time with his colony friends. But, he is a very good person and helps everyone. However, Seethal (Kavya Thapar) is also the same colony girl. So, once she sees his philanthropism and enquires about him and falls in love with him. Finally, Chandu also loves her and both are wandering together. Albeit, Seethal father (Murali Sharma) is a very strict person and he comes to know his daughter love matter. So, he speaks with Chandu about his son-in-law qualities. Thus, he puts a condition to Chandu to marry Seethal. So, Chandu changes himself and his habits. In the wake of this situation, Seethal hates his new attitude and differences occur between them. Meanwhile, Seethal is getting the bride. Finally, what those conditions, how Seethal hates him, and how it ends..? Those are the further things…


Ee Maya Peremito Movie Live Updates

Hero Rahul Vijay is looking good as a jovial youngster role. In both romantic and emotional scenes, he did very well job and his dance skills also good. As like that, heroine Kavya Thapar also gave a good performance both in romantic and emotional scenes. Also, Murali Sharma did again a marked role. As usual, Rajendra Prasad banged the hero father role and makes us laugh and emotional. And, Satyam Rajesh and Tagubothu Ramesh satisfy the roles with making comedy. Remaining all cast also did their roles in a decent way.

Ee Maya Peremito movie review highlights

Actually, it is a regular love story and goes in cinematic mode. By this, the interest will be decreased in some moments. Moreover, director written it well but not made it in expected level. However, songs are not in Mani Sharma standards but okay. But, Sam K Naidu’s cinematography is superb and it is an advantage for the movie.

Telugu Bullet Punchline: Ee Maya Peremito… A Routine Love Story

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2/5

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