Wednesday, December 1, 2021
HomelatestRecall Petition Rejected: CBN Has To Appear Before The Court

Recall Petition Rejected: CBN Has To Appear Before The Court

The recall petition of the A.P government has been rejected by the Dharmabad court just a while back by the honourable judge.CBN who has been issued a non-bailable warrant regarding the case of Babli agitation has taken a new turn when the judge has rejected the plea of the recall petition. The court has taken the issue very seriously and asked the representative of A.P government that how can the persons charged with non-bailable warrants haven’t appeared personally before the court.

chandra babu naidu in Dharmabad court

On a serious note, the court has also warned by saying that it has no difference between a chief minister and a common man and everyone is equal before the law.Therefore it’s a must for the A.P chief minister to appear before the court on October 15th. Meanwhile, he will be attending the most prestigious conference at UNO, New York on September 24 where he will be delivering a speech on natural organic farming practices that have been implemented in Andhra Pradesh.

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