Etala to Contest Against KCR in Gajwel and Huzurabad:


Etala to Contest Against KCR in Gajwel and Huzurabad:

Etala Rajendar, BJP’s Huzurabad MLA and head of the defector admission committee, announced that he will run against Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao in Gajwel while also contesting in Huzurabad.

Speaking at a BJP gathering of senior leaders in Huzurabad, Karimnagar, Rajendar expressed concern about the changing political atmosphere in Telangana after the state’s formation, where the government used to heed the voices of leaders from opposition parties. He highlighted the need to restore good political culture in the state.

As the former finance minister, Rajendar mentioned his practice of allocating tractors equally to all, regardless of their political affiliations, for developmental work. He noted that a certain leader later politicized this practice.

Etala Rajendar emphasized his commitment to the welfare of BJP activists and downplayed the rivalry with other leaders, stating that he is a political leader, not a troublemaker. He refuted claims that Congress was the sole alternative to the ruling party (BRS) and suggested that there is no significant ground-level support for Congress.

Addressing rumors that he was acting as a spy for Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao within the BJP, Rajendar expressed his intention to contest against the Chief Minister and defeat him.

Etala credited himself for implementing various government initiatives, including Dalit Bandhu, Girijana Bandhu, and BC Bandhu, and the construction of community buildings, and allocation of housing sites to journalists, during the BRS government’s rule.

etala to contest against kcr in gajwel and huzurabad:
Etala to Contest Against KCR in Gajwel and Huzurabad:

He urged Huzurabad residents to support the BJP, promising that opposition leaders would not even secure their deposits if the people were determined. He advised BJP workers to report any police officers attempting to intimidate party members or favor the ruling BRS. Rajendar also called upon the people of Telangana to vote wisely, urging them not to be deceived by monetary incentives from BRS leaders.

Rajendar invited BJP workers to attend a public meeting in Huzurabad on October 16, where Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh would address the public.

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