PM Modi Focuses on Global Role and Border Area Development


PM Modi Focuses on Global Role and Border Area Development:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that India’s influence is growing in a world filled with difficulties, and he stressed that the nation’s strength was recognized on the global stage during the G-20 summit. Additionally, earlier in the day, he initiated the commencement of developmental projects worth Rs 4,200 crores in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district.

During a public rally, Prime Minister Modi directed his remarks at the Opposition, noting that there was a period when the nation was enveloped in a sense of hopelessness. People across the country were left pondering when the nation would emerge from the shadow of large-scale corruption scandals.

pm modi focuses on global role and border area development
PM Modi Focuses on Global Role and Border Area Development

Now, amidst the world’s array of challenges, Prime Minister Modi highlighted that India’s influence is on the rise, and he posed a question: Doesn’t it bring a sense of pride when India leads the way on the global stage? He also discussed India’s growing global significance, mentioning that during interactions with international dignitaries, he senses their recognition of not just him, but the 1.4 billion people he represents. This was particularly evident during the recent G-20 summit in Delhi.

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