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‘F3’ director Anil Ravipudi releases video, targets trolls

Hyderabad, May 27 In the middle of the buzz surrounding Anil Ravipudi’s Telugu family entertainer ‘F3’, the director has released a video in which he attempts to silence his trolls.

Ravipudi and his film have been the targets of troll attacks on social media. Unfazed, Ravipudi has stated that he will continue to make films in his signature style and therefore does not take the negative feedback to heart.

The debutant director compares trolls who try to bring down his films to non-vegetarians who shame vegetarians by comparing each individual’s food choices.

“Non-vegetarians have no idea of what vegetarian food tastes like and vegetarians will not stop eating the way they do just because they are being trolled,” Ravipudi said. There is an audience for all types of films as long as they are well-made.

With his over-the-top films that pack in a lot of fun, Ravipudi has carved a niche for himself. His latest, ‘F3’, is out in theatres and early reports suggest that the movie is an entertainer.

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