Small Comedian Big Fuzz

Facts of Hyper Aadi Secret Wedding Pic

Facts of Hyper Aadi Secret Wedding Pic

Facts of Hyper Aadi Secret Wedding Pic: Jabardasth comedian Hyper Aadi is an entertaining audience with his own unique style of punches. Hyper Aadi means we remember his high punch dialogues. He can give punches on any matter. There is no doubt that the script is full of punches. A news spread on social media that Hyper Aadi got married with a picture. As this news is publishing like NTR, Mahesh Babu new movie release. Everyone is talking about Hyper Aadi marriage it seems.

In social media for the pic news are spreading like ‘without telling to anyone Hyper Aadi suddenly got married’. Actually, the pic belongs to one of the movie still. Presently Hyper Aadi is acting in a small movie. In that movie, shooting is going on a marriage sequence. One of the member from that movie uploaded this situation pic. With that rumors spread as Aadi got married. So Aadi gave clarity that he did not get married. But still, some people are spreading rumors with the pic. It’s not understood that why this much fuss is creating just for a small comedian.

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