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HomelatestMahabharatham In Kaliyugam

Mahabharatham In Kaliyugam

Mahabharatham In Kaliyugam

Mahabharatham In Kaliyugam: In mythology, compared to Ramayana, the Mahabharata is closely related to the present lifestyles of people. That’s why Mahabharata played better than the Ramayana onscreen. In Mahabharata, People are leaving the good things and acquiring the evil thoughts.

Dharmaraju betrayed Draupadi in the cards game in Mahabharatham. Now the same scene repeated in Madhya Pradesh. A man who lost the game handed his wife to the two people. The victim approached the police when they raped her. The police called everyone for the inquiries.

The victim revealed everything about her husband in weekly police Durbar. Even though she is now away from her husband, both of them are still harassing, and still want justice. The women police officers who responded to this assured the truth after the inquiry.

After Patanjali Ramdev Baba Enters Into Parakram

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