Fake Form-7 Applications: 1.5 Lakhs And Still Counting

Election Commission Crucial Comments On Form 7

The strategic move of AP Opposition party YSRCP’s fake voter deletion mass applications has now fired back at them. One look at the latest stats of Election Commission of India explains everything.

YSRCP with the alleged advice from its official strategist Prasanth Kishore planned to reduce the TDP votes by filling the Form-7 applications on behalf of the voters. They intelligently took the data from the TDP membership data base with the help of Telangana Officials and filled in their details. Responding to this, the TDP MLAs and MPs lodged complaints on the Opposition party for stealing the data and filling in fake forms. EC which verified the forms came to know that about 1.5 lakhs of applications filed are indeed fake and rejected them right away. It assured that proper care is taken with every application they came across and all these fake applications belong to only TDP voters.

Furious CBN lashed out at Jagan for his party’s cheap moves. He claimed that Jagan is acting like a puppet in the hands of Telangana CM KCR who has no right to indulge in AP affairs. Babu pointed out at PK who is helping the Bihar elections in a big way. Whatever might be the case, this is a huge disappointment for YSRCP.


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