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Lakshmi’s NTR Trailer-2: Ramu Exposes CBN

Lakshmi's NTR Movie Trailer

The most controversial flick Lakshmi’s NTR is picking up the buzz each day prior to its release. Thanks to RGV’s criminal brain for bringing the hype, he released the second trailer of this flick which is now making all the noise among AP Political circles.

Whether he planned it or not, the flick is hitting the theatres before the general elections of AP. with the first trailer, RGV sent feelers that his movie will showcase CBN as the main antagonist in the last phases of NTR. In the recently released trailer, RGV dared to showcase the glimpses of all the speculated back stabbings and plans of CBN which eventually made NTR become Zero after all the demigod’s life he saw. From defaming Lakshmi Parvathi to taking the power from the hands of NTR, Chandrababu’s character has been portrayed as the mastermind behind the infamous backstabbing incident of NTR. With more spice, more drama, more controversies, and more plans, the second trailer just got better in terms of Political aspects.

All in all, Lakshmi’s NTR looks promising for the Political lovers and especially YSRCP fans are promoting this flick in a huge way. One has to wait and see of the TDP leaders allow this flick to get a release or create hurdles.

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