Few Interesting And Unknown Facts Of Rajinikanth’s 2.O


Finally, the most awaited day has come. Rajinikanth’s most anticipated flick 2.O has hit the screens worldwide today amidst humongous expectations.

Living up to the expectations, Shankar’s on-screen brilliance and creativity have mesmerized the audience with an extraordinary visual extravaganza. Let’s have a look into some of the interesting yet unknown facts of Shankar’s celluloid wonder 2.O:

1. Antagonist role: Originally Kamal Haasan has been considered for the role of lead antagonist by Shankar in this film but Kamal has straight away rejected this. Later it was offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but his huge remuneration has made the producers step back. Then Akshay Kumar has been finalized for this role.

originally kamal haasan

2. Promotions: Shankar has a unique way of promoting his films. Like the budget of his films, the promotions made by Shankar are also humongous. 2.O promotions have started in a unique way by test riding the hot air balloons over Hollywood signage in Los Angeles and the similar strategy has been carried out in London, Dubai, Australia, and India.

few interesting and unknown facts of rajinikanth's 2.o

3. Visual effects: Like never before in the history of Indian cinema, nearly 15 VFX companies have worked for this film. A total crew of more than 3000 members has worked for 900 visual shots in 2.O.

visual effects in 2.0 movie

4. Hollywood Technicians: Sean Foot who has worked for Avatar movie has been roped in for makeup. Kenny Bates who has worked in choreographing the stunts has also worked for 2.O. The technicians like John Hughes and Walt who have worked for the VFX of the films like 300 and Life of Pie has also worked for this film.

few interesting and unknown facts of rajinikanth's 2.o

5. Production Values: This film is the highest budget flick that was ever made in Indian cinema. Made with a whopping sum of nearly 600 crores, 2.O stands tall as the most expensive flick of Indian cinema.

few interesting and unknown facts of rajinikanth's 2.o


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