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I Lost 200 Crores – Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan has taken his turn as Jana Senani from the title of Powerstar after joining the politics. He is actively campaigning in the places across Andhra Pradesh for upcoming assembly polls in Telangana held on 2019. He is currently participating in Jana Yatra at the places of East Godavari district.In a media interview, Pawan Kalyan said that it is not that easy to achieve the goals set in politics compared to the film industry.

Pawan Kalyan gets the payment of nearly 25 crores

If the leaders want to join the politics then they should have to dedicate on it and being responsible to the people. He said that he lost approximately 200 crores of money after leaving his film career.Pawan Kalyan gets the payment of nearly 25 crores for a film and if he does eight films in upcoming years then it will be a sum of 200 crores. Pawan Kalyan fans are disappointed with the decision of Pawan Kalyan as he quit his film career for the politics.

 his latest releases namely Sardar Gabbar Singh

Of course, his latest releases namely Sardar Gabbar Singh and Agnythavaasi are the biggest flops at the box office. But, there is no cut in the remuneration of Pawan Kalyan for those two movies. Pawan Kalyan is facing tough situations in his political career and receiving the false comments from TDP. He warned the members of TDP to stop the nonsense of comments on him and do their work. Pawan Kalyan is trying to win the hearts of people in Andhra Pradesh with his Jana Yatras and there is no surprise that he is receiving a positive response from the people from every place he visits.

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