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Homelatest3-Judges Bench to give the final verdict on Karunanidhi’s final rites

3-Judges Bench to give the final verdict on Karunanidhi’s final rites

The other day, the stalwart leader of Tamil Nadu’s Politics and DMK Supreme Karunanidhi breathed his last in a private hospital. As per the leader’s last wish and his followers’ request, his demised corpse was headed to the Marina Beach memorial site to bury him next to his beloved mentor Annadurai, who founded the party of DMK. shockingly, the ruling party AIADMK rejected the permit. After approaching the court in the midnight of yesterday, the Madras High Court heard the plea of DMK family members and postponed the judgment for today.

AIADMK rejected the permit.

After the death of Karunanidhi, his family members rushed to the Madras High Court and asked to arrange an immediate court session to solve the case of DMK head’s burial ground. A bench head by the Chief Justice Huluvadi G Ramesh along with two Judges asked the AIADMK to file their affidavits. The CM of Tamil Nadu, however, opposed the burial of Karunanidhi stating the fact that there were pending cases on many burials on Marina Beach, he offered two acres of place in Gandhi Marg in the middle of Chennai where the memorial of Rajaji has built. Considering affidavits from both the parties, the court has adjourned to say the verdict for today. Sharply at 8 AM, the hearings continue to go on until they get a verdict.

However, Political analysts and leaders of other parties demanded the ruling party to give permission in the Marina Beach itself. For the amount of service he has done to the Tamil Nadu Politics and the legacy he carried, leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Vijayakanth, Mamata Banerjee and others flew to Chennai to support Karunanidhi’s family. Citizens of Tamil Nadu are eagerly waiting for the verdict keeping their fingers crossed

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