Craze of Kaushal Is Damn High…


Kaushal… Kaushal… He is an actor of Telugu film industry. But he was not a HERO, he was not POPULAR, he was not GREAT… These all are before starting the BiggBoss2, but now he is a HERO, he is POPULAR, and he is GREAT. Although, his fans have formed the Kaushal Army and they are admiring him. Generally, BiggBoss contestants get an identity after entering into the BiggBoss but this type of craze never in past and may not in future also. So, house members and many people are criticizing Kaushal for his activities. At the same time, the intensity of activities and the moral of activities is positive for so many people also. They receive goodness from these activities and they learn more from his ideology. Although, some are, list out these good things also and posted on Twitter.

When he is elimination, the vote box bursts down. Because the Kaushal army supports him and encourages him like that much. He just heard about his following by his wife through the phone call in BiggBoss house. But, he can’t estimate his fan base and he should shock by seeing these all. At the same time, some allegations also rounded about Kaushal army, because of they troll other housemates with abusive words, this may degrade the range of Kaushal and his army also. Definitely, they keep encouraging him but trolling of others n irrespective manner may not good.

Whatever, BiggBoss winning is nothing before this affection for KAUSHAL. He always says I came to win, I just focus on the game, I don’t need any relations more, I don’t change myself for anyone, I know what I’m doing, and my goal is BiggBoss winning. But, he may not win in BiggBoss and he has already won people’s hearts. And, definitely, he will be also felt, this support is 100 times more than BiggBoss game winning.


Really, it is an amazing one that a normal film person is getting this much of craze as a superstar just by his attitude and personality. Actually, these are enough for a person to deserve respect, and that’s why Rajnikanth is the SUPERSTAR.

– Ganesh Gullipalli


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