TDP MPs Charged At BJP MP GVL In The Capital

TDP MPs charged at BJP MP GVL in the Capital

The BJP’s National spokesperson and MP GVL Narasimha Rao faced severe backlash and criticism from the AP TDP leaders for his comments. Details of this issue in the witness of Nation’s capital as follows.The Rajya Sabha Member GVL has been making derogatory comments on the AP MPs and Ministers every passing day. The other day, he went further and alleged that the TDP leaders have diverted the Central funds sent for AP State to the Personal Deposit Accounts in order to misuse. As much as 56,000 crores of rupees were scammed according to GVLs baseless comments on the Yellow camp. Every day, this Spokesperson alleges to the media but yesterday, in front of TDP MPs, GVL dared to claim that they are diverting funds. Irked MPs of TDP charged at the GVL and ridiculed him for not having minimum knowledge on the PD accounts.

TDP MPs charged at BJP MP GVL

Andhra Pradesh’s Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu declared that GVL is fit for nothing to be in Rajya Sabha and condemned his comments. Yanamala stated that PD accounts are very transparent to everyone and they belong to all the leaders from Ministers to the Panchayat heads. These accounts have money and it will be utilized for the welfare of Public as per the requirement. Ramakrishnudu declared that there will be no chance of diverting these funds from PD as each and every transaction is transparent and will be accounted to the Central Government via return bills.


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