Flash! Flash! Rajinikanth announces new party | Rajinikanth to announce party at ‘Right Time’

Rajinikanth announces 2.0 release date

Rajinikanth announces new party 

Posted December 31, 2017, 3:17 pm at 15:17 

India’s biggest Superstar ‘Thalaiva’ Rajinikanth announced his political entry. The superstar has announced that his party will be contesting in all the 234 Tamil Nadu Assembly constituencies. With this announcement, Rajinikanth has cleared all the doubts about his political entry. As soon as Rajinikanth has announced his party news, the whole of Tamil Nadu erupted like a volcano.

Fans are seen celebrating Thalaiva’s entry into politics, while the other parties like AIADMK, DMK and TDP are also shocked.

Speaking to the press, Rajinikanth said ‘If I don’t come into politics, it is like I’m cheating my fans and the people of Tamil Nadu. The current state of Tamil Nadu politics has been degrading with every passing day. There is every need for us to clean up this mess. I always stated that we need a strategy to win in a war, and I have been planning about this for the last one year.

Adding to it, Rajinikanth further said, ‘I want everyone in the villages to come out and contribute to the society. I am not worried about the result of my political career. It is all up to God. I am just a servant, to you, to every mother, to every sister and to every brother. I’m here for you, my life is with you and will travel with you forever. Come! Let’s unite, Let’s make our state a better place!’

There were a lot of speculations prior to Rajinikanth’s announcement, stating that he will be teaming up with BJP, or may even come into politics. The latest announcement from Rajinikanth comes amidst speculations and doubts over his political entry.

Rajinikanth has been meeting his fans for the last week or so.  Rajinikanth announced on 26th December that he would make his decision on political clear on 31st December. Rajinikanth’s brother Satyanarayana stated earlier that Rajinikanth would definitely come into politics. 


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