Doctor’s deny pregnant woman admission; force her to give birth in an open field

Doctor’s deny pregnant woman admission

Doctor’s deny pregnant woman admission

Posted December 31, 2017, 3:29 pm at 15:29 

We all know it is no small thing to deliver a baby as it is painful and second birth for all mothers. But the 24-year-old Samarwati Devi, who hails from a village in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, was eight months pregnant and her situation is even more dangerous. The woman was in a dismal situation as she was forced to deliver her baby in an open field after doctors at a hospital refused to admit her, saying the unborn baby had died in the womb.

Samarwati was taken to a local district government hospital at 3 am on Monday as she complained of severe pains and anxious of early delivery.

Pathetically, without even admitting the patient, the doctors declared the baby died in her womb due to stress. The horrifying behavior of the hospital staff did not end at that, Samarwati alleges that she was slapped by the nursed and denied admission to the hospital. She said they forced her to leave in the early morning hours in such pain.

Condemning the incident Chief Medical Officer of the government hospital, RK Mehra, said he is taking all the statements of the staff members present on that night. He said, the proper probe will be made and strict action will be taken who so ever is found guilty.

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