Is Amit Shah Behind Gangster Nayeem’s Encounter?


Gangster Nayeem Encounter At Shadnagar

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Despite lack of evidence, many believe that current BJP National President Amit Shah has two facets; a politician and a ruthless criminal. In Gujarat, many people claim that Amit Shah has been responsible for the deaths of noted journalists and activists locally. ‘If he finds someone anti-BJP, their end has come’, said a government official.

Meanwhile, cutting the scene to Telangana, CPI Senior leader Narayana made sensational comments about Nayeem’s encounter and Amit Shah. Speaking to the press he said, ‘everyone is under an impression that Telangana CM KCR is behind Nayeem’s encounter. The fact is it is Amit Shah who is behind Nayeem’s encounter.

Nayeem executed Sohrabuddhin Sheikh encounter. Sohrabuddhin is a native of Gujarat and one of the most wanted criminals by the Indian government. ‘At that time, the press strongly believe that it is Amit Shah who recruited Nayeem to kill Sohrabuddhin. There are even evidence suggesting that Amit Shah is behind this encounter.

On fearing that Nayeem will spill beans about him, if he is caught by the police and produced before the CBI, Amit Shah plotted the encounter. After Nayeem’s death, his close aide Sheshanna is handling the team’, said CPI Narayana. Gangster Nayeem encounter took place on August 8th 2016.

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