Gen Z: Changing Relationship Norms


Gen Z: Changing Relationship Norms

A recent study has revealed that the younger generation of Gen Z is challenging traditional relationship norms and embracing new concepts of companionship. They are prioritizing shared values, emotional maturity, and breaking free from outdated gender roles in their pursuit of meaningful relationships.

The influence of pop culture is substantial in shaping Gen Z’s dating ideals, with trends such as open relationships and FONMO (no-FOMO) gaining traction. The ‘Love Unfiltered’ study conducted by the dating app Bumble in Mumbai found that 52 percent of respondents value transparency in intentions, 21 percent consider political alignment important, and 19 percent seek LGBTQAI+ allyship in their partners.

Compatibility checks were important for 33 percent of respondents, 31 percent embraced dating trends, and 27 percent expected potential partners to have a significant social media presence. Balancing careers and relationships was a challenge faced by 50 percent of Gen Z, with commitment issues at 37 percent, difficulty in finding compatible partners at 49 percent, matching sexual preferences at 38 percent, and coping with rejections at 29 percent. The report highlights that Gen Z is willing to wait for partners who share their values and beliefs.

Approximately 51 percent of Indian Gen Z individuals are seeking partners for personal growth, 29 percent don’t feel pressured to marry on a predetermined timeline, and 19 percent are open to non-traditional relationships. Moreover, 46 percent of women are unwilling to tolerate toxic behavior, while 55.5 percent emphasize setting emotional and physical boundaries when seeking a partner.

According to Samarpita Samaddar, India communications director at Bumble, Gen Z is rewriting dating rules by expressing their beliefs, challenging traditional norms, and seeking authenticity in their romantic pursuits. Bumble empowers individuals to date at their own pace, allowing them to showcase their values and causes, such as environmentalism, human rights, and feminism. Discussing safety measures, Ruchi Ruuh, Bumble’s relationship expert, emphasized the app’s commitment to ensuring the comfort and security of its users. It allows users to review profiles and prioritizes authenticity.

gen z changing relationship norms
Gen Z Changing Relationship Norms

The app values insights from Gen Z women to enhance future relationships, as they are known for their deliberate approach to dating. Users like Rakshita Jain in Bengaluru appreciate Bumble’s empowering feature that allows women to make the first move, reducing unwanted interactions. Aakrithi Gandhi in Mumbai commends the app’s privacy features that protect women’s identities, ensuring a heightened level of privacy.

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