Gold Price in Hyderabad Today on Fire: Hit Record High


Gold price in Hyderabad reached a brand new peak on Monday! The shiny stuff is now selling for a record-breaking Rs 69,380 for 24 carats per 10 grams. That’s the highest price tag Hyderabad has seen on gold all year!

Just a day earlier, on March 31st, 24 carat gold per 10 grams cost Rs 68,450 in Hyderabad, which means there’s been a big jump in price in just 24 hours.

Gold experts say this price surge is due to a few things. First, there’s more tension than ever between countries, especially in Central Asia. Second, the United States Federal Reserve might lower interest rates soon, and that’s making gold more attractive to investors.

On top of that, analysts say risky situations around the world, along with central banks buying a lot of gold (especially in China), are pushing gold prices even higher. The war between Russia and Ukraine, plus fighting between Israel and Hamas spilling over to the Red Sea, is making things very uncertain on the world stage. When things get shaky, investors tend to buy gold because they see it as a safe bet, which drives up demand and prices.

Gold experts expect things to stay bumpy in the gold market as investors look for shelter from all this global chaos. So, if you’re thinking about buying gold, be prepared for some ups and downs!

Looking for the current gold price in Hyderabad? It’s Rs 69,380 for 24-carat gold per 10 grams, and that’s the highest it’s ever been!


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