Legal Action: KTR Response to Phone Tapping Allegations


BRS working president KT Rama Rao plans to send legal notices to three Congress leaders, including Minister Konda Surekha, for making false allegations against him about phone tapping during the BRS regime.

He will also send legal notices to news outlets that publish these stories without verifying the facts. He wants them to apologize for their baseless claims or face legal action.

Minister Konda Surekha accused Rama Rao of phone tapping and threatening film personalities. Congress leader KK Mahender Reddy and Mahabubnagar MLA Yennam Srinivasa Reddy complained to the police about phone tapping during the Assembly elections, allegedly at the BRS president’s direction.

Upset by the negative publicity, Rama Rao has taken legal action against various TV channels and digital media platforms, including Google and YouTube, for spreading false news and defamation.

About 20 news channels and digital media platforms have received notices regarding this matter.


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