Good News To Female Passengers Travelling In Trains

Good News For Women Travellers From Trains

Good News For Women Travellers From Trains

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The Railway Ministry is gearing for some key changes regarding the safety and security of the female passengers traveling in trains. Sources close to the Railway Ministry have confirmed that the Ladies Compartment will henceforth be included in the middle of the other compartments, rather than at the end.

At the same time, to make sure that female passengers identify their ‘exclusive compartment’, the Ladies Compartment will be painted in a unique color, different from other compartments. Along with the above-mentioned measures, the officials have taken a decision to install CCTV Cameras, and Window-meshes to the Ladies Compartments hereafter.

The Railway Ministry has set up a special committee for the safety of the women. The respective committee suggested that, with the Ladies Compartment being at the end, many women are showing reluctance to board into the Ladies Compartment, owing to security reasons.

‘We have sent the proposals to the railway board. After a review by the Chief Committee, these measures will be implemented in phases. Maybe within the next 15-18 months, Ladies Compartments will be modified in almost 85% of the trains’, said a senior railway official.

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