Google blocks YouTube on Amazon devices! And Amazon announces AmazonTube!

Google blocks YouTube on Amazon devices

Google blocks YouTube on Amazon devices

Posted December 24, 2017, 3:48 pm at 15:48 

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos is once again in the news for all good reasons. While Google came up with Google X project, the billionaire founded his own space company, Blue Origin. Amazon has been a tough competition to Google in many terms. Let it be in AI (Artificial Intelligence), audio devices or cloud storage, Amazon and Google emerged as the new rivals. Though Amazon isn’t the only rival for Google on the technological front, Google has every need to worry for the first time.

Every internet user on this earth has watched a YouTube. That is the popularity of the video streaming site. YouTube contributed $9 billion to Google’s annual revenue. With Amazon coming into the picture, it would be a tough fight between the tech giants.

Amazon has filed a trademark application for its new streaming services under the name ‘AmazonTube’. The announcement came on the same day after Google announced its intention to block YouTube on Amazon devices.

The latest filing from Amazon further fuels the on-going feud between the tech giants, which are fighting for stakes in entertainment markets.

Industry experts believe that Amazon should lure video-creators and entertainment houses by paying out greater ad revenue than Google.

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