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Kurnool Swathi No. 2 | Husband killed by Wife, and her alleged lover

wife kills husband lover help In Kadapa District

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After the recent case of Swathi has seen light in Nagoor Kurnool, more such incidents are coming out. In a recent murder that happened in YSR Kadapa, a wife alleged got her husband killed by others.

Going into the details, Siva and Aruna (from Chavanavaripalle) got married four years ago. The couple is also having a son. Even though Aruna got married, she continued her relationship with the person (named Sai Subash) whom she loved before her marriage. The same has caught the attention of her husband Siva.

Siva has reportedly warned Aruna on her behavior and asked her to change before it gets too late. Frequent arguments took place between the couple. Given the unfriendly situation in the house, Aruna planned to get rid of Siva for once and all.

As per the plan, Subhash invited Aruna and Siva for a party. Two other friends of Subhash also took part in the party. All the four [Aruna, Subhash, and his two friends] ensured that Siva is fully drunk. After confirming the same, all of them stabbed Siva to death and threw the dead body in the forest area of Annasamudhram.

The family members lodged a complaint in the police station after Siva went reportedly missing. On investigating, Aruna and Subhash have confessed their crime. Aruna, Subhash and his two friends are currently in police custody.

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