Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Guna 369 releases in august

Karthikeya , who has captured the attention of the RX100 movie, has come out in front of the audience. Released in Telugu and Tamil, the film has received mixed talk. Arjun is making a film called Guna 369 under the direction of Jandhyala. A recent teaser for the film has been released and the film has been increasing interest by watching some scenes. Movie release date announced latest.

Guna has announced the release of 369 on August 2. The film is being jointly produced by Thirumala Reddy and Anil Kadiyala. Chintan Bhardwaj is composing the music. Ram Reddy is working as a cinematographer. The film is supposed to be a rustic love story that will entertain the audience. In the film, anaga plays heroine role.

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