Guru Pournami Astrological Reasons

Guru Pournami Astrological Reasons
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Guru Pournami Astrological Reasons

Guru Pournami Astrological Reasons:

1. This Pournami arrived in Sagittarius sign. Jupiter is head for Lord Guru.

2. Naturally today Purvashada star will be there which is the head of Venus and Devil Guru.

3. In this half part is Uttarashada which is the head of Sun, Sagittarius sigh has lucky which is Guru place.

4. In Hindu tradition, Sagittarius sign is in 9th place which is Guru place. This is the reason for Guru.

The full moon has an impact on the heart. If we pray for Guru when Guru roaming in that sign. Our heart binds for Guru and will have the blessing from Guru. That’s why it’s called Guru Pournami.

In this Guru, Pournami gets blessing of your own Gurus. By keeping 100’s and 100’s of blessing to Guru…

Sridhar Sharma.

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