Self-Respect Over Team Allegiance: Hanuma Vihari’s Bold Stand


Hanuma Vihari, a prominent cricketer, recently made headlines after a controversial decision by the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) led him to announce his decision to no longer play for Andhra in domestic cricket. The incident unfolded during the ongoing Ranji Trophy season when Vihari was asked to step down from his captaincy role.

In a detailed social media post, Vihari explained that the issue stemmed from an incident involving the 17th player in the team, who happened to be a politician’s son. Despite Andhra’s impressive performance against Bengal, where they successfully chased down a target of 410 runs, Vihari was allegedly asked to resign due to his altercation with the aforementioned player.

Expressing his disappointment, Vihari highlighted the lack of support and respect he received from the association. Despite his significant contributions to Andhra cricket, including leading the team to the knockouts multiple times and representing India in international matches, Vihari felt that the association prioritized individual interests over the team’s success.

As a result of this incident and feeling humiliated, Vihari made the difficult decision to distance himself from Andhra cricket. His announcement reflects his commitment to self-respect and integrity in the sport, despite the emotional attachment he holds towards the team.

The controversy surrounding Vihari’s departure has sparked discussions within the cricketing community, with many expressing solidarity with the talented player and questioning the decision-making processes within cricket associations. Vihari’s decision serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by athletes in navigating the complex dynamics of professional sports.


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