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Highlights of Howrah Bridge

Highlights of Howrah Bridge

Now a days audiences are showing their interest towards youthful entertainment films. When we check with the previous films we can know that the films which are blockbuster hit are all of youthful entertainment. The movie is featuring beautiful Chandini and Rahul Ravindran in the lead roles under the direction of Rewon Yadu. The two teaser which are recently out into media are grabbing the attention of youth. The first teaser have all the romantic elements, while the second teaser grabs the attention of both family and youth audience. Now everyone are eagerly waiting for this film to release. Here are the highlights of Howrah bridge.

The film crew recently says there are many highlights in this film. The director says this film will be loved by all types of the audience. The love scenes between the hero and heroine will be very realistic. He furthermore says everyone would relate themselves to the story. Raavu Ramesh and Ajay roles are one of the highlights for the film. This film would give a good break for both the actors says the team. Rahul ravichandran is also very confident about this film. So with all these highlights let’s see how Howrah bridge would create a magic in youth.

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