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Howrah Bridge Title Plus Point

Howrah Bridge Movie director Yadhu clarification about Title

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Howrah Bridge Movie director Yadhu clarification about Title: ‘Howrah Bridge’ movie a love story starring Rahul Ravindran and Chandini Chowdhary in Yadhu direction. The shooting of this movie came to an end where the teaser got the good response. With the teaser, this movie got huge expectations as the director Yadhu gave the clarity with the teaser only. With a unique love story of youthful entertainment. The title ‘Howrah Bridge’ which is an epic but everyone is curious of why director chooses this name.

The director Yadhu gave an information about the title that ‘the bridge and hero have an important main connection. That’s why’ Howrah Bridge’ title was chosen for this movie. Everyone will think that after seeing the movie that the title is apt for the movie with the importance of bridge’. But currently, the title is giving full publicity to the movie. The director Yadhu said that soon the trailer of this movie is going to release. The film unit members are confident that all types of the audience will like this movie and will be a trendsetter of love story film.

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