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Are you curious to know how blockchain technology might change the world? Per the analysis and studies undertaken on the blockchain, it is proven day by day that Blockchain technology is going to be the future. So, it is very important to know about what is blockchain technology before knowing how blockchain technology might change the world.

In 2009, blockchain technology emerged first with Bitcoin creation. This technology form allows digital information to be traded without any middlemen or external users. A blockchain or digital ledger records all the economic transactions. Though these records are not regulated by a single entity, they are easily verified and accessible to all users. The risk of hacking and corruption can be reduced with the aid of decentralization and thus making blockchain transactions to be more secure. However, the advantages of blockchain technology are not limited to bitcoin. Here are some of the factors that answer how blockchain technology might change the world.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Blockchain was developed to provide safer transactions and today it has become a leading technology driving security. The clients are less hesitant to share their personal information over the blockchain applications as they provide additional security. This is because, no one wants to get their data stolen and in the case of blockchain, only they can change the data personal data stored.

The prime motto of developing blockchain applications was to limit access to key control systems and improve user authentication. Cybersecurity built on blockchain technology helps in reducing the security breach occurrence similar to Equifax. If the company is the target of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks then decentralized data would be required. DDoS attacks arise when the hackers increase the traffic to a website to an extent where the website cannot keep up the requests and finally ends up in crashing. Since the DNS (Domain Name System) is partially decentralized, the prevention of these attacks is hard. In the case of blockchain technology, a complete decentralization is provided so it is less likely to be deleted, corrupted or stolen.

Streamlined Financial Operations

In global finance, blockchain is having a profound effect. With today’s banking infrastructure, cross-border payments are complex and using a shared digital ledger to verify and record the transactions would simplify the entire process. In addition to it, it includes lower transaction fees and faster processing speeds as an added benefit. A blockchain is an effective tool for management and identity verification. The criminal financial activities and money laundering can be decreased by using this blockchain technology.

Improved Marketing and Advertising

Blockchain is very useful in public relations and marketing because it boosts credibility. For instance, it helps PR firms to identify whether mentions and clicks they receive on social media are from bots or human beings. This allows the PR firms to confirm the authenticity of their social media posts, media advisories, and press releases. It also helps organizations to publish a coherent content across their social media platforms. Content management can be improved by having a digital ledger with unreleased content. Companies can track all the changes made to their records and people who make them.

Bigger Funding For Blockchain Start-Ups

For raising funds to blockchain projects, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new technique. Any business conducting ICO campaign will usually write a white paper that covers the structure, outlines of the technology how it will be developed and implemented and highlights the key proposition. Based on business preference, investors can buy tokens using Ether, Bitcoin or fiat money. All the funds raised will be utilized for the development of the blockchain technology project.

Better Healthcare

 In recent times, there are many controversies related to the US healthcare system. Can blockchain technology provide any solutions to this? This is one of the crucial answers to the question of how blockchain technology might change the world. The integrity of all medical records can be maintained using blockchain. Once the records are signed and created, they can be inscribed to the blockchain which guarantees they cannot be altered or tampered. The authenticity of keeping a track of medical records in the blockchain is important in caring for patients and upholding righteousness in legal cases which involves healthcare services.

Considering all the points mentioned above, how blockchain technology might change the world question can be answered easily. Use blockchain technology and protect your data at the earliest.

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