Hyderabad: Young Man Assaults Woman After Proposal Rejection


Hyderabad: Young Man Assaults Woman After Proposal Rejection:

In an unfortunate incident, a young man identified as Raju, hailing from Warangal, carried out a disturbing assault on a 23-year-old woman in Hyderabad. The attack occurred in the jurisdiction of the Jagathgirigutta police station, which falls under the Cyberabad commissionerate, on a Friday.

Raju’s aggression took the form of a knife attack, inflicting severe injuries on the woman who allegedly rejected his romantic advances. Shockingly, he also turned the knife on himself, causing harm. Thankfully, both individuals received prompt medical attention and were rushed to a nearby private hospital. The latest reports indicate that they are now in stable condition and out of immediate danger.

According to K Kranthi Kumar, the Station House Officer (SHO) at Jagathgirigutta, Raju worked as an electrician, while the woman was employed as a teacher at a private school. Over the past few months, Raju had persistently pursued her, urging her to accept his romantic proposal. Unfortunately, his advances were consistently met with rejection.

hyderabad: young man assaults woman after proposal rejection
Hyderabad: Young Man Assaults Woman After Proposal Rejection

The incident unfolded on a Friday evening when Raju resorted to violence. Alerted by local residents, the police swiftly arrived at the scene, ensuring the injured parties received medical attention promptly.

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