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I Demand ‘Bharat Ratna’ For RGV – ???

An Indian filmmaker, the trendsetter of Indian cinema, the psychic genius Ram Gopal Varma always in news either by himself or by others. Now, he is again in the news because of his former assistant director and RX100 director Ajay Bhupathi. Come to the matter, Ajay Bhupathi has posted about his demand on Twitter and i.e. he demands ‘Bharat Ratna’ for his guru Ram Gopal Varma. Now, this is going viral on social media. So many social media people are commenting on the post both positively and negatively. Although, RX 100 hero Karthikeya has also commented on this post. He said that ‘Jaisa Guru Vaisha Shishya’.


Actually, we know that Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award of India. It is not easy to give this honor to a person. And, a person who gives sincere services to the country and escalating the nation’s pride. Of course, some film stars also honored with Bharat Ratna. But, is Ajay Bhupathi’s demand sarcasm or genuine! Sometimes RGV sometimes makes his people post like this tweets, we can think in this way also.

Our Great Actors:

For many years Andhra people and leaders are demanding Bharat Ratna for Indian great NTR. But, there is no reply on this from the central government. As like that, great senior actor Kaikala Satya Narayana did not get any honor from Indian Government and we know he is one of the great actors of India. Moreover that, continuously two years the Rashtrapathi Award winner, such a greatest actor S.V.Ranga Rao has not gotten any civilian award until now.


Now, Ajay Bhupathi demand is somewhat foolish but it’s his opinion. In our India, we have the right to talk anything until it harms to others. We have freedom of speech and we can express our feelings freely. So, there is nothing wrong in his demand. But, he may think twice before posting it. of course, Ram Gopal Varma may mountain in his thoughts but he should think about Indian civilian award also.

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