Saturday, December 4, 2021
HomelatestPM Modi comes to the rescue of Kerala Floods

PM Modi comes to the rescue of Kerala Floods

The Indian Prime Minister Modi finally made time to visit the flood-hit State of Kerala today. Along with the Kerala CM and its Governor, Modi had an aerial survey to start the rescue operations.

Kerala Flood
It is a known thing that the entire state of Kerala has been more or less submerged in flooded water and the State Government is busy rescuing the people. Now the Central Government came forward to start the rescue operations in the State along with the rapid forces. Modi who visited the State declared an emergency helping fund of 500 crores to Kerala. He has disclosed the same to the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan that the fund will be transferred immediately for fastening the help. From the Prime Minister’s relief fund, Modi allocated 2 lakhs per deceived head and the amount will be given to the families of the deceived in the upcoming days. For the injured victims, the PM granted 50,000 rupees per head along with the survival gear to re-establish their shattered homes.

PM Modi reviews situation in flood
SBI along with giving 2 crores of rupees to the PM Relief Fund also provided free transactions to all the operations done for Kerala. The flooded State is not yet recovering from the disaster as the Water level is not decreased yet. The State officials ordered the Irrigation Engineers to lower the gates in order to stop the inflow water into the villages to aid the rescue operations. The whole nation is praying for the God’s own land to recover as fast as it can.

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