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HomelatestThe Godavari posing a threat to the two Telugu States

The Godavari posing a threat to the two Telugu States

With the continuous rains all over India, the river Godavari has been raising its level to an alarming state. Updated information from all the major dams in the two Telugu States declares an emergency situation in the two Telugu States.

AP And Telagana
The Godavari, the lifeline for millions of people in the two Telugu States is receiving huge TMCs of flood water from all the canals. In Telangana, many dams and water projects are witnessing an amazing rise in Godavari levels. In Bhadrachalam district, already the Government issued the second flood alarm and the officials are trying to vacate the low-level village residents to a safer area. The CM KCR ordered the Home Ministry department to keep the forces on standby in order to aid if the Godavari causes floods in Telangana. Projects like Kaleshwaram already saw the effect as many villages in the Bhupalli district are already submerged in water. Many villages in the districts of Adilabad and Nizamabad are witnessing the inflow of flood water into their homes and destroyed road transport.

godavari river flow
In Andhra Pradesh, the villages and low-level areas in the two Godavari districts have started vacating the places. With the continuous incoming of water, gates in Dhavaleswaram, Ryali, VIjjeswaram were lifted up to decrease the water level. In Dhavaleswaram, all 176 gates have been lifted to 2 meters to release the flood water and officials issued the first flood warning the other day. As the level kept increasing, the gates are expected to lift up to 13 feet to issue the second flood warning. The AP Government is readying its forces to help the flood-hit areas and to rescue the people stranded in the floods.

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