I willingly Moved Close To Him – Ghazal Srinivas Victim!


I willingly Moved Close To Him – Ghazal Srinivas Victim!

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After a woman lodged a complaint against the famous singer, Ghazal Srinivas, the police have arrested him. Along with the complaint, the victim also submitted some key evidence. The police went ahead with the arrest only after examining the evidence. The victim has come open about various harassment incidents that she had faced under Ghazal Srinivas.

Speaking at a media function, the victim said, ‘It took me over a week to record whatever Srinivas was doing. It was very difficult for me to set up the secret camera. I was aware when the video was being recorded. I willingly moved close to him so that he wouldn’t get any doubt.I shared about the secret camera location to one of my close friends. I asked her to collect the camera if I don’t return from the office on any day.

I am also aware of the risks involved in setting up the secret camera. Ghazal Srinivas will kill me if he comes to know about the camera. I only recorded these events to ensure that no one else will become a victim like me. Without ACP Vijay Kumar and CI Ravindra, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this victory’.The Nampally sessions court has rejected Ghazal Srinivas bail petition after the police officials expressed that he can tamper with the evidence while he on bail.

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