I’m Not Feeling Like A Buddhist Or Saint – Surya Father Siva Kumar


Hero Suriya father, actor Siva Kumar came into the news board. Because, recently, he threw away a fan’s mobile phone. Actually, he attended an inauguration and the fans forcefully came to Siva Kumar and taking films. So, he got angry and threw away a fan’s mobile phone. Albeit, this news has gone viral on social media. In the wake of this situation, Siva Kumar made a video and posted on social media.


In that video, he said: “Taking selfies is a personal interest and I don’t criticize it. But, for a celebrity, this is not correct and every person has their own privacy. While I’m walking from my car, there are nearly 300 members around me. And, nearly 25 members came towards me by pushing the security guards.”

He added, “In my view, to take a selfie with a celebrity, they should take permission first. I’m not a public property, and I never before reject fans’ selfie wish. I’m not feeling me like a Buddha or a siant. I’m also a common man like you and I live my life. Moreover that, I’m not asking you that see me as like as superstar or leader. Everyone is a hero in their own lives and our works shouldn’t trouble others.”



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