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I’m Your Weapon – Kamal Hassan

In the wake of promotions of Vishwaroopam 2, Lokanayakudu Kamal Hassan has attended the pre-release event in Hyderabad. After so many days he talks in front of Telugu people. Although, Kamal has given the speech emotionally and said, ” You all are the only reason for my success; nothing would have been possible without your support. Now, I’m stepping into another field. You did so much for me, now I want to give you something back. I’m your weapon and you should use me in a proper way. It is the time to fight for the real freedom.”

And again he said about Telugu people – “Because of Telugu people love and affection still I survive as an actor. I feel proud to say as I’m a Telugu person, I’m a Malayalam person and I’m an Indian. This is possible only with audiences and fans’ affection towards me. Elders bless me and younger people love me. For my excellent film career, Telugu cinema is the reason. This is not talent maybe it is luck.”

Although, He said about the movie that ” Vishwaroopam is a single movie in our motive but we release it as two parts. I’ve faith in Telugu people that you always support hard work and freshness.  We made this second part better than the first one. We eagerly waiting for release it on August 10th and I hope, you would like it.

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