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Artificial intelligence Control of Solar Tracking System

Artificial intelligence is one of the branches of computer science which deals with intelligent machines and it plays a prominent role in the development of technology. These intelligent machines are created to work and react like humans. The artificial intelligence is designed to perform a few tasks such as speech.

Knowledge engineering is one of the main important parts of artificial intelligence. Machines can act and react to humans only if they have enough sources or information about the world. Artificial intelligence needs to have knowledge about all problem solving, reasoning, planning methods then only it can perform efficiently. Robotics is the great example of artificial intelligence which is given a program and acts like a human performs all the works problem solving, planning, learning, reasoning etc.

Most Artificial intelligence programs are quite complex objects and having their research goals, artificial intelligence problems require a precise formalization.

Solar tracking system:

In order to maximize the amount of radiation collected the amount of radiation collected by the solar collector, the tracker must follow the sun throughout the day. But if the environmental conditions of the area where the PV modules are installed a significant amount of dust get deposited on the PV module. The settled dust, if not cleared affects the performance of the solar PV module by shading the front surface. It is also been observed that the reduction in energy output from one PV channel with dust could be as much as fifty prevent when the modules are not cleared for thirty days.

The solar tracker may be single or dual axis tracker. Single axis tracker has one degree of freedom that acts as an axis of rotation. It is possible to align it in any cardinal direction with advanced tracking algorithms. There are several common implementations of single-axis trackers. This includes horizontal single-axis trackers, vertical single-axis trackers and titles single-axis trackers and polar align axis trackers.

Duel axis has two degree of freedom that acts as an axis rotation. These are normal to one another. The axis that is fixed at the ground is considered as a primary axis. The axis which is referred to the primary axis is considered as a secondary axis. There are many common implementations in the dual axis trackers.

The solar tracker is designed by calculating the solar position as a function time, and the solar collector is oriented at a calculated position in the sky. The solar collector that fixed upon the solar trackers may be the point, line focus or flat plate collectors.

The neural network defines the simple class of mathematical algorithms as a notation for a large scale of algorithms. These algorithms provide solutions to many other problems. They learn new associations, new patterns, and new functional dependence. Neutral networks differ from each other in learning modes. The neural networks have been used in the diverse applications in control, robotics, pattern recognition, forecasting, medicines, power system, manufacturing, optimizing, and signal processing and psychological sciences. This neural network differs in their ability to accurately respond to the information presents at the input.

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