Friday, March 31, 2023
HomelatestTRS Chief Targets 25 Seats In Hyderabad Region

TRS Chief Targets 25 Seats In Hyderabad Region

Apart from conquering power, the TRS head is now keen on having a hold on the Capital city of Hyderabad for various reasons. His tactics and approach to hoist TRS flag in Hyderabad is quite interesting.In the happened elections of 2014, the TRS despite forming the Government in the newest State of India managed to get just 3 seats in and around Hyderabad region. Leaving some impossible seats like Secunderabad, Malkajgiri etc, KCR is ordering is leaders to concentrate more on the Urban regions of Hyderabad with unique offers. To have a hold on one of the biggest cities of India, the Pink camp is following a perfect strategy.

 TRS is planning to bag a minimum of 25 seats

After wooing the rural and outskirt regions of Hyderabad, they took the hold on the happened GHMC Elections. TRS won as many as 90+ seats among 150 and got a thumping majority. Their next target is the Assembly segment of the city. In all the seats in and around Hyderabad, TRS is planning to bag a minimum of 25 seats at any cost. For that, the TRS Chief is writing new schemes on the white paper to impress the Urban voters.It came to know that none other than the KCR himself will contest from one of the regions of Hyderabad this time from his family. Whereas his son KTR and daughter along with the powerful nephew will be confined to their old constituencies like before.

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