TDP And Congress To Form An Alliance For 2019 Elections?

TDP And Congress To Form An Alliance For 2019 Elections

TDP And Congress To Form An Alliance For 2019 Elections?

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From the past few months, everyone is observing the unfriendly environment between BJP and TDP. Both the parties worked together with an alliance for the 2014 AP Assembly elections. From past one year, the disputes between the parties have become public. With Somu Veerraju publicly criticizing TDP in recent times, things have gone to another level.

But recent events taking place in New Delhi are shocking everyone at the state level. TDP MP CM Ramesh reportedly met Ghulam Nabi Azad from Congress party, who is currently serving as the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha. The meeting comes at a time when TDP and BJP are criticizing each other.

Even when BJP introduced the Triple Talaq Bill in Rajya Sabha, Congress party raised some objections and pressed for a parliamentary committee review. Shockingly, even TDP has seconded Congress party’s stance on the Triple Talaq Bill. The BJP government is having a tough time to get the bill passed in the upper house of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, political analysts are predicting that BJP and TDP will fallout even before the 2019 AP Assembly elections. It is heard from political circles that; CM Ramesh is planning to bring the ‘AP Special Status’ movement to the forefront with Congress support.

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