Guess Jagan Has Gone Blind!


Devineni Uma Sensational Comments On YS Jagan

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Pulivendhula in Rayalseema region is undoubtedly one of the most arid regions in Andhra Pradesh. If water is diverted through canals and other projects, the local MPs and MLAs should be more than happy. But surprisingly, Pulivendhula MLA Jagan seems to have a problem even with this. He ridiculed AP CM Chandrababu Babu stating, it looks as if the government has thrown a glass of water towards our region. Reacting on this, AP Minister for Irrigation, Devineni Uma exposed YS Jagan and his crookedness to everyone.

Following are the excerpts of Devineni Uma’s talk:

  1. The groundwater table rose by 4mts in Pulivendhula
  2. The AP Govt. has diverted 123 TMCs of water to the arid Rayalaseema region.
  3. It is pathetic to see Jagan comparing the irrigation developments with a ‘glass of water’, despite giving 40 TMCs.
  4. Jagan has no clue about irrigation projects and water resource management.
  5. YS Jagan doesn’t even know where Pattiseema project exists.
  6. Jagan doesn’t have time to even visit canal bringing water to Pulivendhula.
  7. Chandrababu Naidu stood by his promise of bringing water to Pulivendhula.
  8. We will release water to all the reservoirs and irrigation projects in Rayalaseema systematically.
  9. Jagan Mohan Reddy speaks irresponsibly
  10. TDP will surely win in Pulivendhula constituency in 2019 AP Assembly elections.

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