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Awe Teaser is pretty captivating!

Awe Teaser is pretty captivating!

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Amidst all the hysteria for Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnathavasi’ which is set to release on 10TH January, Nani’s first movie as a producer is also equally followed and anticipated films in this New Year. Yes, we are talking about the most waited teasers, ‘Awe’ and it is out. It looks pretty captivating from the beginning until the end of the one-minute-long video. With an exciting star cast and storyline so uncertain, and suspense-filled, it is drawing huge attention from the audience already. The makers of the film released the teaser and it is interestingly thought to evoke and to captivate.

There isn’t much shown as far as the story is concerned, with only leaving few clues here and there teasing the audience. They have shown a café and revolved the whole story around it. Lead actors like Nitya Menon, Kajal Agarwal, Regina Cassandra, Priyadarshini, Eesha Rabbah, Murali Sharma and Srinivas Avasarala all are presented uniquely and never seen been avatars.

The cast looked totally disintegrated from each other with story joining them to one common point.Awe Teaser is pretty captivating!

For a change, Nani did not act in the movie but gave his voice along with hero Ravi Teja. While Nani spoke for a fish and Ravi Teja for a tree. Teaser introduces itself with a dialogue between Nani the fish and Ravi the tree. Gradually the director movies his camera to the characters and familiarize them one more time to the audience one after the other. Just as Nani spoke in the film, the movies hero is the “Story” itself.

Even though it is Nani’s second film as a producer, he looks pretty creative not only in acting but also in presenting. The teaser definitely looks fresh like the debut director Prashant. The director’s real caliber can only be judged once we all see the final film.

Nani has co-produced the film with Prasanthi under Wall Poster Cinema banner.


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