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Homelatest‘Bomb’ Cyclone to hit the US East Coast!

‘Bomb’ Cyclone to hit the US East Coast!

‘Bomb’ Cyclone to hit the US East Coast!

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Maybe this is the first time you might be wondering what is ‘Bomb’ cyclone in the first place. Though it sounds scarier to hear, it is actually more like a normal cyclone, only with a greater depression. Greater the depression, greater is the strength of a cyclone.

The depression is directly proportionally to the drop in atmospheric pressure. If the atmosphere pressure drops more than 24 millibars in less than 24 hours, then it is said to be a ‘bomb’ cyclone.‘Bomb’ Cyclone to hit the US East Coast

The sudden drop in atmospheric pressure in such a short span of time literally doubles the strength of the storm. The US Meteorological department issued a warning along the east coast of the US. The ‘bomb’ cyclone will be different from other cyclones, as it deposits a huge amount of snow on its way, with gusts reaching a speed of over 100kmph.

Cities like Norfolk, Charleston, Wilmington along the east coast of US will be effected with 5-8” of snow, and winds blowing at 80kmph. Meanwhile, moving towards the Northeast of the US east coast, winds can reach speeds up to 120kmph. Since Christmas, the temperatures in the New York City remained below the freezing point. 12 people died due to the freezing temperatures prevailing in the US.

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