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Supreme Court Asks The Son To pay Rs. 6+ Crores To His Mother!

Supreme Court Asks The Son To pay Rs. 6+ Crores To His Mother!

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We often come across cases where children ignore their parents once they grow up. This trend is not only seen in India, but also in many other nations. Recently a shocking incident came to light after a mother of two children approached the Supreme Court.Going into the details, a man has abandoned both his children and his wife very early in his marital life. Since then, the mother of two has worked day and night for her family. She managed to get her children educated and paved a beautiful path for their features.

The mother who has seen a lot of hardships in her life came out with a plan to secure her feature.She struck a deal with both her sons, in which they agreed to pay 60% of their net profits to her once they settle in life. As expected, both her sons settled in life and were financially independent. Given their work culture, and own family, both ignored their mother.

After patiently waiting for few years, the mother demanded the sons to pay her according to the agreement made. The elder son immediately paid his share. But the younger son went up to the court, and shockingly the court ruled in favor of him. Surpassingly, the mother approached the Taiwan Supreme Court, which stated that ‘if the agreement is made after they were major, they need to pay according to the agreement. And moreover, the younger son is capable of paying.’With the ruling, the younger son was forced to pay Rs. 6,27,87,811 to his mother. Even Indian parents should be inspired by this Taiwanese mother.

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