In 2024, Samsung may release the Galaxy Ring


Samsung may introduce the Galaxy Ring in 2024

Samsung is reportedly working on a smart ring called the ‘Galaxy Ring,’ which is expected to be launched next year. The company is collaborating with both domestic and international component manufacturers to ensure the success of the product before potential mass production, which could be decided as early as next month.

in 2024, samsung may release the galaxy ring
In 2024, Samsung may release the Galaxy Ring

The key feature of the Galaxy Ring is its ability to collect detailed body and health data through built-in sensors, which can then be viewed on a connected smartphone. The ring can be adjusted to fit the user’s finger size, ensuring better accuracy and minimizing data errors caused by loose fittings.

However, there are challenges during the development phase that Samsung needs to address. Issues like weak blood flow or excessively tight fittings could potentially affect the accuracy of the data collected.

Even if mass production is approved, obtaining medical device certification may take between 10 and 12 months, which could delay the product’s availability in the market.

Samsung is also considering integrating the Galaxy Ring with XR (mixed reality) devices, utilizing XR technology to track users’ head and hand movements using cameras and sensors, as seen in patent applications.

Earlier, a Reddit user discovered a “Feature List” in the Samsung Health beta app that mentioned “Ring Support.” This suggests that Samsung might either be planning to release its Galaxy Ring or add support for smart rings made by other companies on the Health platform.


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