Monday, February 6, 2023
Homelatest‘India Today’ draws flak after its video on Saree!

‘India Today’ draws flak after its video on Saree!

‘India Today’ draws flak after its video on Saree!

 The media and the press cry foul every Saturday evening that the government is taking away their ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’. An average Television viewer takes this for granted and sings the song with the media. In reality, what the media does is far from the truth! The nonsensical debates, baseless controversies, and intruding private life are often advocated as Journalism.Every show, every video and every story on a media channel is nothing but for the TRP

‘A woman is assumed to be married if seen in a saree. Using washroom is a pain. It’s really difficult to walk in a saree. The looks of men seem as the woman in saree is their prey. You would be mocked by your colleagues if you come in a saree. Argh, limit the saree to a special occasion.’ This is descriptive of the video that was posted by India Today on its website.

The netizens have lashed at the video, stating it is destroying Indian culture.In a generation where western world is drawn towards Indian Culture, Indians are embracing western culture. It’s really sick and saddening to see a media house publishing such video for the sake of TRP and promotion. 

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