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The real reason behind Sivabalaji’s wife filing a case!

The real reason behind Sivabalaji’s wife filing a case!

Sivabalaji is a well-known name in the southern film industry. The actor has reportedly done many character roles, guest roles, prominent roles and roles as a hero. But the attention and recognition he gathered after he won Bigg Boss Season Telugu 1 made him more popular than ever before. His wife, former heroine, Madhumitha has played a key role in his success.

She requested people to support her husband, Sivabalaji to win the Bigg Boss contest. And the magic did happen. During this whole episode, Madhumitha’s personal phone number became public. Right from that day, she was receiving unknown, blank, vulgar and disturbing phone calls.

Few mischievous blokes also targeted the couple on social media and started to spread false news about them. This not only raised serious concerns in the couple’s family but also cause a worry among their close friends.

Sivabalaji and his wife Madhumitha recently visited Jubilee Hills police station and submitted the list of phone numbers, messages and gross content to the police officials. The police officials stated that the blokes will be tracked down using Cyber techniques and the mobile numbers very soon.

It looks like online harassment and spreading false news about individuals through WhatsApp groups and other communication channels have turned out to be a major worry for common public and celebrities too.

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