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HomelatestISRO’s Security Flaws Exposed! Is The Nation At Threat?

ISRO’s Security Flaws Exposed! Is The Nation At Threat?

Indian Space Research Organization Security Flaws Exposed

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Officials from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) have confirmed that a hacker made his way through into critical systems of the space organization. ISRO scientists confirmed that, malware named ‘Extreme Rat’ crept into the systems in 2017 December. Once the malware attacked came to the notice, ISRO immediately approached Software Security Expert Robert Baptist, France.

Nevertheless, upon examination, Robert confirmed that the malware did not creep into the servers. ISRO authorities shut down the infected computers, and simultaneously blocked the connecting port.

The hacked computers handle critical operations like Engine Ignition, Booster Separation, Rocket Launching, and tracking Satellites. Moreover, researchers believe that computers connected by ‘Sodhan Search’ engine, could have been affected. They also stated that ‘hackers usually install these malware programs, which later transfer key information to the hacker. It is up to the hacker what he would do with the hacked information. They can either sell it for a ransom or misuse it’.

ISRO officials believe that ‘Extreme Rat’ malware might have already handed key information to the hacker by now. Indian and France scientists confirmed the hacking episode.

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