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HomelatestIndians Trolled Pakistan: Juthe Bhejo Pak!

Indians Trolled Pakistan: Juthe Bhejo Pak!

Indians Trolled Pakistan

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Recently, whole India had seen an emotional Sushma Swaraj speaking in Parliament about Indian family meeting naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav in Pakistan. Pakistan’s behavior lacked basic humanity and they forgot they were addressing two women. It did not just limit to Pakistan officials, but even the media also overacted and received a lot of criticism. Indians especially have come out openly to criticize such an objectionable attitude from Pakistan.

Sadly, the officials though knew about Indian customs and traditions made Jadhav’s aged mother and wife to remove their Mangalsutra, Bindi forcefully. Seeing his mother without Bindi and Mangalsutra, Jadhav was worried for a while and asked his father’s condition. This situation shook each and every one. People came forward protesting against the improper treatment by Pakistan towards Jadhav’s family.

A Delhi based BJP leader Tejinder Bagga purchased a pair of slippers online and sent them to Pakistan high commission. He, of course, did not stop at that and posted the same on Twitter and asked his followers to send the same to them.

In no time the campaign started, many Indians have sent their Chappals to Pakistan High Commission. Surely, Pakistan must have understood the displeasure Indians have towards their arrogant behavior.

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